Retreats and Conferences

The Fitzgerald Center is open for use as a gathering place for adults who wish to plan conferences, retreats, meetings and other sessions that fit the mission of the Center. There is flexibility, hospitality, tranquility and serenity in surroundings, facilities and programming.

We welcome people of all faith traditions to utilize our unique facility. We offer a large conference room, breakout rooms, dining and overnight accommodations. Flexibility is apparent when booking for your event. The Center is open to groups as well as individuals who would like a place for renewal.

Groups that desire to use the Center will use the website to advertise their event and to solicit participation.

There is a library with a good selection of spiritual and self-help books that is open to all who come to The Fitzgerald Center.


Quiet Area of Contemplation

March 7 – June 7, 2018
Students Studying Prairie Dogs
University of Maryland

April 13-15, 2018
Yoga Crossroads

April 18-21, 2018
Private Retreat

May 18-20, 2018
St. John XXIII

May 22-27, 2018
K of Zirma Retreat

June 16-17, 2018
Private Retreat

September 14-16, 2018
Story Tellers of NM

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