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Policies and Procedures

The Fitzgerald Center is a retreat and conference center owned and operated by the Servants of the Paraclete. The center is open to persons age 18 and over and is offered for conferences, meetings and retreats. Overnight accommodations are available in 24 individual casitas.

Excellent customer service is our ultimate goal. With that in mind, we have set forth policies and procedures to ensure that our guests know what to expect and that all of the events and meetings that are scheduled for The Fitzgerald Center are conducted in a professional manner with safety, security and hospitality in mind. 

Use of Facilities and Services

The use of The Fitzgerald Center is granted to persons age 18 and over whose meeting or event is designed to meet the mission of the center. When booking a meeting or event, approval will be granted if the criterion for use is met. 

The center does not have a merchant’s license to sell any goods. The center does not have a license to distribute or sell alcohol. The center is a non-smoking facility and provides for smoking only in designated areas outside on the grounds. 

There is no cooking allowed in the kitchen of the main dining hall. No camping is allowed on the grounds. 


Guests booking the center are responsible for a deposit of 25% of their total registration. This is a non-refundable deposit and is due at the time of confirming the registration. The deposit may be cash, check, cashier’s check or money order. The balance is due upon arrival. 


The guaranteed number of guests is due seven business days prior to the first day of the meeting or event. Once the guaranteed number of guests is received, the count may be increased but not decreased. The guests will be charged for the guaranteed number of guests given or the actual, whichever is greater.

Overnight Accommodations

To insure safety, the following are not allowed inside the casitas:

open flames, kerosene or propane heaters, extension cords, hot plates, coffee makers, indoor grills, sandwich makers, halogen lamps or bulbs, small crock pots, and any small appliance that does not have a timer

Clean up in the casita means leaving the casita as one found the accommodation. Damages and an excessive cleaning fee will be charged if the casita is damaged in any way and if excessive cleaning is involved in returning the casita to its original state at check in. 

Please report damages and excessive clean up to the onsite supervisor immediately.

Set-up, Clean-up and Decorations

Areas that can be arranged for set up according to the guest’s request are the conference room, tapestry room and dining hall. Requests must be reasonable and will be honored whenever possible. Set up requests must be submitted three business days prior to the first day of the event. 

Clean up is the responsibility of the guests. Guest clean up includes picking up trash, cleaning off surfaces of cups, cans, and materials that might be used during the sessions. 

We are unable to permit the use of nails, thumb-tacks, push pins, staples, etc. in our walls, ceiling and floors. Any decorations that are used must be cleared prior to departure.  Message boards and easels can be used. 


Permission is granted to registrants to advertise their meeting or event on their own website or with an email address that is listed for registration. The Servants of the Paraclete reserve the right to list meetings and events on The Fitzgerald Center website.  Listings of meeting and events will be posted on The Fitzgerald Center website after a deposit is secured for the event. 

Internet and Cell Phone Coverage

The Fitzgerald Center offers the following services for use to guests: Free Wi-Fi.

Cell service is available in the Canyon; strength of use is dependent upon individual carriers.

Alcohol Policy

The Fitzgerald Center is an alcohol-free facility. No alcohol is allowed on the property or allowed for use within the facility.

These policies and procedures are set forth to insure the successful operation of The Fitzgerald Center. Keeping in mind staffing, overall operational costs and the ability to continue the growth of the Center, these policies and procedures are minimal to that overall success.

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